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#49 #S023093 Small eComposition 2003 oil 73x50 Piaggio.jpg

Mira Maodus' art is characterized by the search between sign and color.  

Letters of the alphabet are freed from constraints by the artist, allowing them to return to their original, free and creative state.

Words, ideograms, Cyrillic characters, numbers  reborn under  dreamlike forms, life lines and bright colors.  

Colors and numbers dance in a circle of fire, between chromotherapy and numerology.  

An overlap of shapes and codes that is complex and harmonious.

Paintings through which the artist pursues her intimate reflection on the message and the way it is revealed or hidden by the colors.


 "Mira Maodus, des couleurs et des promesses"
16/26 mai 2024 Galerie Le pavé d'Orsay, Paris (France)
"Mira Maodus, harmony with the light"
17.5.2024 - 15.06.2024 Kozare Museum and Sreten Stojanović Gallery
Prijedor (Bosnia and Herzegovina)


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