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Museums, permanent collections

National Museum, Belgrade (Serbia) “Cirilica II” 1995

National Museum, Belgrade (Serbia) “The massacre of Serbs” 1987

The Miyagi Museum of art, Sendai (Japan) “Metro, passengers” Paris 1986 

Kamakura Museum of contemporary Art (Japan)

Belgrade Museum of Contemporary Art (Serbia)

Banja Luka Museum of Modern Art (Boznia)

Trebinje Museum, Trebinje (Hercegovina) 

Pinacoteca Palazzo del Pegaso, Florence  (Italy)


Solo exhibitions

2024 Kozare Museum and  Galerija Sreten Stojanovic "Harmony with light" Prijedor ((Herzégovina)

2024 Galerie Le pavé d'Orsay "Mira Maodus des couleurs et des promesses" Paris (France)

2024 Palazzo del Pegaso "Mira Maodus e la poetica del colore" Florence (Italy)

2023 Mostovi Balkana Gallerija"Mira Maodus, symphony of colors", Kragujevac (Serbia)

2022 Museo Giovanni Fattori "Mira Maodus le fil rouge de Montparnasse" Livorno (Italy)

2022 884 Art Gallery "Mira Maodus 80th birthday exhibition" Tokyo (Japan)

2022 Cultural Center "Mira Maodus, in honor of Puskin" Trebinje (Herzegovine)

2022 Galerija 73 "Journey to the edge of colors, in honor of Puskin" Belgrade (Serbia)

2022 Mairie du 7ème "Voyage au bout des couleurs" PARIS (France)

2022 RTS Gallery "From graphos to logos" Belgrade (Serbie)

2020 Museum of Herzegovina Trebinje "In honor of Jovan Dučić"  (Herzegovina)

2018 Momo Contemporary Art Gallery, Tokyo (Japan)

2017 Exhibition “A Chromatic Explosion” Belgrade (Serbia)

De 2010 à 2016 Solo Exhibitions by

Galerie Daniel Besseiche Paris (France)

Galerie Daniel Besseiche Dinard (France)

Galerie Daniel Besseiche Genève (Swiss)

Galerie Daniel Besseiche Beijing (China)

2013 Russian Cultural Center, Luxembourg

2012 Indian ART FAIR, New Delhi (India)

2010 Russian Cultural Center in Belgrade (Serbia)

2010 150th anniversary poster of the 15th district town hall, Paris (France) From 2007 to 2016 Greeting Card by Unesco

2010 National Pancevo Library (Serbia)

2010 Tokyo Star Gallery (Japan)

2008 National Museum, Arad (Romania)

2005 Dom Kukture Trstenik (Serbia)

2004 Gradska Galerija Uzice (Serbia)

2001 Etoile Gallery, Nihonbashi Kyobashi Art Festival, Tokyo (Japan)

2000 Japan Art Forum, Kyoto (Japan)

1998 ULUS Gallery Association of Serbian Artists, Belgrade (Serbia)

1997 National Museum, Belgrade (Serbia)

1994 Miharaya Gallery, Tokyo (Japan)

1993 Espace Takarashi Gallery, Tokyo (Japan)

1992 JC Riedel Gallery, Paris (France)

1991 Ghion Gallery, Tokyo (Japan)

1990 Galerija Stara Kapetanija, Zemun (Serbia)

1988 Ghion Gallery, Tokyo (Japan)

1988 Japan Press Gallery, Tokyo (Japan)

1987 JC Riedel Gallery, Paris (France)

1983 Maeda Gallery, Nagoya (Japan)

1983 Kikukawa Gallery, Ube, (Japan)

1982-1987 Ghendai Gallery, Tokyo (Japan)

1980 Center CHAILLOT-Galleria, Paris (France)

1977 ASCA Gallery, Brescia (Italy)

1977 Barbaroux Gallery, Milano (Italy)

1973 Mondadori Gallery, Verona (Italy)

Group exhibitions

2024 Galerija Sanja, Belgrade (Serbia)

2024 884 Art Gallery Tokyo (Japan)

2023 "Colors of Summer" Galerie Géraldine Banier Paris (France)

2022 Atelier 11, Cité Falguière Paris (France)

2020 Galerija '73, Belgrade (Serbia)

2019  Saphir Gallery, Paris (France)

2019 SHA Art Gallery, Toronto (Canada)

2019 Alba-Avis Gallery Toronto (Canada)

2019 Kobe Art, Kobe (Japan)

2018 884 Art Gallery, Tokyo (Japan)

2010 150th anniversary fair 15th arrondissement town hall, Paris (France)

1996 to present Salon de Mai, Paris (France)

1984 – 2005 exhibited with the SHA-GI-TZU group at UENO Museum, Tokyo (Japan)

1984 Union of Women Painters and Sculptors, Luxembourg Museum, Paris (France)

1981 First Young Expression Convergence, Paris (France)

1980 Young Painting Young Expression, Paris (France)
1980 Autumn Salon, Paris (France)

1977 Festa dell'Amicizia (gold medal) Brescia (Italy)
1977 Premio Morazzone (gold medal) Varese (Italy)

1973 Atelier Gilly Etienne Martin of the School of Fine Arts, Maison de la culture Bourges, City Hall of Clermont-Ferrand (France)

972 Galerie Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice (Italy)

"The Massacre of Serbs" 1987  National Museum Belgrade, Serbia


" Metro passengers" 1986 The Miyagi Museum of Art, Japan


"Cirilica II" 1995 National Museum Belgrade, Serbia

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